Life Purpose Discovery

Life Purpose Discovery is an e-learning program designed to facilitate and enable you to discover and live your life purpose and get a life-long support system to consistently live your life purpose. This program is an online facilitation accessed anytime and anywhere. There will be practical and reflective exercises every week you will experience in discovering and living your life purpose. You will learn and go deep with the practical facilitation journey of a purposeful living.

Upon completing the program and gaining clarity of your life purpose, your future journey will also be supported by becoming a part of “Purposeful People Community”, a real real-life heroes community that created as a support system to help each individuals in order to live their life purpose consistently and life a life that is truly alive!


Life Transformation Journey facilitates you to discover and live your purposeful life journey through its online learning experience


Life Transformation Journey is suitable for people who wants to :

• Continuously achieve personal growth

• Increase excitement in their day to day lives

• Contribute and give impact to others

• Live a meaningful and fulfilling life

• Overcome a quarter or mid-life crisis

• Gain clarity in their life’s purpose

• Have a change in career